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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Felons Voting Effect

• More than 4 million Americans are temporary or permanently prohibited to vote that’s 1 in every 50 citizens can’t vote

• African Americans and Latinos are very disproportionally presented among the prison population therefore prohibiting of the to vote effects policies

• More than 1.4 million African Americans cannot vote because of their felony conviction, which makes the number to 13 % nation wide

• States like Alabama, Florida, Iowa Mississippi NM VA WY 1-4 African Americans has lost for life the right to vote.

• 400 senate seated that has been elected since 1978 7 of them would have been different
• If disfranchisement had excised in 1960 then Nixon would have won over Kennedy by 225.000 votes.

• The 2000 elections which brought Florida to determine the fate of US for the next 4 years brought Bush winning over Al Gore which if felons in Florida were alloued to vote Al Gore would have been the 43rd president of US.

(Harvard law reviews, Uggen, Manza 2004,2002, King Mauer 2004 etc)

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